The charm of Holland is never ending. Amsterdam is the capital of Holland and a multidimensional city with something for everyone. We like to call it a big kids play ground. Journey with us through the history, festivals and fun that make Amsterdam one of the best cities in the world.


Food In Amsterdam

The Broodje Bal Met Satesaus is a flavorful sandwich that combines a sliced seasoned meatball with grilled onions and peanut butter sauce on a fluffy bun. The combination of ingredients seems interesting but it works, it’s actually delicious. If you find yourself in Amsterdam be sure to try this sandwich. Amsterdam

Another local favorite is the Kroket. A kroket is a deep fried, breaded roll made of meat or vegetables. The inner consistency is similar to thick gravy. Often kroket’s are served as an appetizer however, you can add a side of fries. Fries are also referred to as Patat and come with mayo and peanut butter dipping sauce. Bitterballen are another great option and are served with mustard.

Finish your meal with a Stroopwafle. A delightful dessert made of a thin waffle which his cut in half horizontally and filled with a sweet syrup. This sweet treat is best served warm. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a great city to visit any time of year.  The spring and summer seasons are especially nice. On this trip to Amsterdam we celebrated Kings Day with friends. Kings Day is celebrated each year on April 27th. Kings Day is the biggest birthday party in the world, a celebration of King Willem Alexander’s birth. The streets and canals are filled with people dancing in the streets.  Amsterdam

A short train ride from Amsterdam you will find the Keukenhof Gardens. The tulip festival in Holland takes place each year from March 20th-May 17th. There are millions of tulip bulbs that bloom creating a sea of color in the fields outside of Amsterdam. This festival is one of the largest flower displays in the world. Tulips were originally imported into Holland in the 16th century from China and Turkey. Soon after tulips were in high demand and used as a currency throughout the land. Tulips are part of the rich culture of Holland and seen everywhere. If you can make it to Amsterdam during this time of year this is a site you must see. Click here for more information on the Tulip Mania in Holland. Amsterdam


Holland is a beautiful country which holds a special place in my heart. I hope that one day you will be a able to experience all that this country has to offer.

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