Antioxidants Keep Us Young!

Toxins bombard us everyday, from every direction. Let’s control the number of toxins we come in contact with by eliminating free radicals at home. The body protects itself as we consume antioxidants. These antioxidants prevent free radicals from making our body prematurely age, none of us want that! When free radicals are stored in our bodies our immune systems become compromised which can lead to sickness and disease. Antioxidants do what, they oxidize or lose their capacity to effectively protect our bodies when introduced to oxygen. Now if we are consuming antioxidants via a “super juice” think about this for a moment; H2O in fact has oxygen in it. When antioxidants are bottled and water is added to the mixture so that you get more in the bottle the potency of antioxidants you are getting after pasteurization is about non existent (the top 5 juice companies all use the same manufacture, the average cost is a $1 a bottle and it is sold for $50 on average. You are probably not getting your money’s worth). We receive more antioxidants from Welch’s Grape juice then from these expensive so called super juices. There is a way to test the potency of an antioxidant which is called an ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) test and more specifically blood serum ORAC testing. I have found the best source of antioxidants is via fresh fruits/ veggies and a product called AO. AO can be taken in capsule form or it is found in NutriVerus so we can easily consume the antioxidants our bodies need each day.

Action Step: Begin eating more raw fruits and vegetables to boost your antioxidant levels and ward off free radicals. Invest in a good antioxidant supplement.

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