Create The Life Of Your Dreams with Dream Boards

Coming into the new year, we will set intentions for what the coming year will hold for us. Unfortunately, many will fall short of their New Year’s goals and blame it on circumstances. Let’s be real, it’s not our circumstances as much as it is our inability to give ourselves a command and follow through to its completion. We humans function on the principle of the avoidance of pain or the acquisition of pleasure. Our actions are a result of our seeking to avoid pain or feel pleasure. We fall short of our goals by choice.

When we feel like giving up on that New Year’s resolution, remember we can literally do anything we put our minds to. There is a reason you made that New Year’s resolution to get organized, lose weight, quit smoking or whatever you happen to commit to make happen in 2014. In the case of weight loss, looking in the mirror and feeling fat or trying to ignore health issues is an avoidance of pain mechanism. Pleasure will come from looking and feeling better while fitting in the skinny jeans you’ve been holding on to. Our thoughts about our body and the food we consume plays a role in the manner in which we carry ourselves. Eating should be a thoroughly positive experience in which we provide fuel to our bodies in the form of nutrition. Whatever you eat, expect it to nourish your body and contribute to its wellbeing. Many people believe that praying over a meal can change the make up of the food on our plates and how our bodies interact with the nutrition that is being taken in.

When we begin to think about something, good or bad, we begin to attract it into our lives. There is an invisible energy force of infinite possibility that works on our behalf. The measure in which we impact that field of energy surrounding us has a direct correlation to our beliefs and expectations that we will attain what we focus on. Everyday we are bombarded with negativity, toxins and problems; these things are detrimental to our health. Don’t add to this with negative self talk, do not give these details the time of day. Instead, focus on the way things will be, the way you desire them to be and your environment will begin to change. I would like to suggest we be a group that looks for solutions, visualizes what our desires are, keeps a positive mental attitude and focuses on the world we will live in. When we place an intention in our life, the universe conspires to make that thought a reality because thoughts are things. We have something like 60,000 thoughts a day and most of these thoughts are the same thoughts that danced through our minds yesterday. With so many thoughts looping through our consciousness daily we can choose to flood the mind with positivity.

We have a choice to see life as a combat against problems or we can choose to see life as a means of finding solutions and attaining our goals. Our minds plant seeds to our future; we choose if these are seeds of deception creating turmoil in our life or if we choose to plant seeds of prosperity that lead to the fulfillment of our desires. We want to speak in terms that what we desire is already ours. If we say to ourselves we “want” something, we will always be in a state of want, never attaining that which is already ours. To change our environment, we must change our thinking. Think in terms of what is possible. There are so many opportunities in each moment.

We have to be willing to let go of the negative. Complaining is an easy way to bond with people because we all have things we “want” to change, however it is not productive. When we change our outlook, our attitude instantly changes and our lives change for the better. Start a gratitude journal which is one way to instantly change our mood and our outlook on life. When we journal, the goal is to be thankful for each experience and opportunity in life. No matter how horrible you believe your day may be, you always have something to be thankful for, even if it is to be grateful that tomorrow is a new day and new start.

Everyone who is serious about attracting the life of their dreams must make a dream board. A dream board is a compilation of pictures of what our life will look like; it will help us to focus, to visualize ourselves on that beach or getting that new car, whatever is important to you. We need to focus not on what we actually see, but what we intend to see. I am on my third dream board because everything on my first two has come to fruition. For instance when I made my first dream board 5 years ago, I focused on traveling around the world, the countries I would visit, things I would see. Now, 5 years later I have visited 80 countries and counting. I didn’t know how I was going to do it; I was barely able to pay my bills each month and I just applied for my passport. I looked at my dream board every morning and evening and visualized how each country would look, what I would feel like while visiting and the universe made my intention a reality.  What do you want your living space to look like? Who do you want to be surrounded by, etc. We must be specific when building the life of our dreams, be detailed when asking for what we desire, what is already ours.

So begin mapping out what your life will look like in the next year, the next five years. Collect images that represent your dreams for the future and compile these on your dream board. Meditate on your dream board multiple times each day and believe that what you desire is already yours; the universe is working to make these things happen in your life. Give it some time and faith to present itself. Do not let negativity infect your mind. When issues arise, choose to see that situation differently and your environment will change as your outlook changes. You can actually say “I choose to see things differently”. It’s time to make those dreams a reality and now is the best time to start. In the comments, let us know what is working in your life, what you expect to come from this exercise and if you have any other tips that have helped you in attaining the life you lead.

By choosing your thoughts, and by selecting which emotional currents you will release and which you will reinforce, you determine the..effects that you will have upon others, and the nature of the experiences of your life. ~Gary Zukav, Author of The Seat Of The Soul

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