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There is nothing more important than our health. When we are healthy, we are happy and the world is full of possibilities. When our health is waining there is nothing we want more than to be healthy again. With the news of fake and contaminated meat hitting the market and the danger of eating pesticide and herbicide laden produce, it is important to choose wisely that which we consume.

Popeye was on to something downing spinach by the can full. Today we would have to eat over 50 cans of spinach to get the same nutritional content that was once found in one can of the green stuff. Most produce is picked weeks before it is ripe. A tomato picked two weeks before it is ripe is missing 400 micronutrients. That is a substantial difference.

Scientific American reported, the U.S. Department of Agriculture nutritional data from both 1950 and 1999 for 43 different vegetables and fruits, finding “reliable declines” in the amount of protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, riboflavin (vitamin B2) and vitamin C over the past half century.

A key to maintaining health is found in providing our body with the proper nutrition it needs to function. Our modern day diets consist of highly refined denatured, processed , genetically modified, irradiated, factory food packed full of calories and lacking in the building blocks of life. America is the most over feed and undernourished country in the world. We do not need free medical care, aka free sickness in this country; we need to get back to our roots. Go local and buy local to get the most nutrient dense food possible to sustain health.

Stop and think for a moment, how many farmers do you know in your community? If food production stopped today, how long would you be able to provide for your family? If you are like most Americans today, the answer is you don’t know a farmer and you would starve to death in a matter of a few weeks. That is a scary reality.

Now there is a solution. By knowing farmers and co-ops in your area, you can have access to the most nutrient dense food straight from the vine to your table. is linking farmers, farmers markets and co-ops to consumers nationwide and will be expanding worldwide soon.  We can go online today and search for a farm near our home and get farm fresh food directly from the source. It’s as easy as going to searching your zip code and voila, you will find anything from meat, to eggs, dairy or produce produced in your community. If you know a farmer, farmers market or co-op let them know that they can put their farm on the map in a matter of minutes by clicking the big blue button at the top of  As a consumer you can also put yourself on the map and fill out your food profile declaring the food that is important to you and your voice will be heard in your community and around the globe.

Now go to and look up your zip code and add yourself to the map. Then share this article with your friends and lets take back our food supply one community at a time, starting with the community you live in.

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This article was published in Freedom’s Phoenix October 4, 2013 magazine. Check out Freedom’s Phoenix.


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