Manifesting Awesomeness

Insanity could be defined as doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.  We must be willing to step out of our comfort zone to acquire the results we desire.  Whether it is struggling with weight, finances or a positive mental attitude, we must be willing to improve to get what we desire.  Change is simply constant continuous improvement.

We want to focus on what we do want and release that which we do not want.  Here is the idea.  If we constantly say to ourselves “I don’t want to be overweight any more”, “I don’t ever have enough money”, or “life always gives me lemons”, then we are giving energy to the negative and actually draw it to ourselves.  Ask yourself, who put that there?  Who said so?  Is it serving me?  Instead, frame each statement with what you do want.  Take time to feel and experience what it is you are after.

What we are not aware of we cannot change.  Nothing has meaning but that meaning which we give it.  When you have a negative thought, stop, recognize the experience you’re having and acknowledge it.  Simply say “hum, that’s interesting” then release the thought.  Replace the thought with a more positive and loving affirmation.  We want to have non judgmental awareness of our thoughts.  You can change your thoughts and life at any moment you choose.

Every cell in our body has a vibrational frequency.  Starting today, we are focusing on vibrating on the frequency of love: self love and gently loving others.  We say gently loving others because when we catch ourselves judging others, we need to use the same principles we are using for ourselves.  Here is an example.  You’re with your girlfriends at a restaurant and someone comes in dressed in a manner you find interesting.  You may find yourself saying, “girl, did you see her outfit, she looks so fat in that; someone should help her”.  Wow!  Okay, maybe she just lost 100 pounds and she is feeling good, rocking that outfit with confidence.  Let’s not judge others.  When we point the finger, there are always three fingers pointing back at us.

What we non judgmentally look at disappears.  If we non judgmentally observe a behavior, we will have introduced choice into the equation.  Judgement is one of the biggest barriers to our own miraculous breakthroughs.  If we judge someone else for their divine awesomeness, then we subconsciously sabotage our own.  Don’t beat yourself up over this snap judgement, simply recognize it and move on.  By being aware of what is, without resisting, it we awaken the subconscious mind to a new pattern.  We can see more clearly and compassionately.  Soon we find our thoughts have shifted to blessing ourselves and others.  Our goal vibration must be practiced daily.  Say to yourself, “I’m doing better than I used to” or “I’ve done it before-I can do it again”.

Instead of telling yourself, “I should be eating better”, “I should be making more money”, or “I should be happier”, replace the “shoulds” with “could”.  When we catch ourselves saying “should”, ask “Why should I ____”.  “Should” implies that we are not doing enough or are not good enough.  Start saying “I could be eating better”, “I could be making more money”, “I could be happier”.  We have a choice in all that we do.  Stop pressuring yourself to the idealized standard you’ve created in your mind as the perfect you.  What you have in your life, you attracted to yourself, consciously or unconsciously.  The best part is if you don’t like what is showing up in your life, improve your thoughts and you will improve your reality.

Personal responsibility means being accountable for the results that do not do not show up in your life.  You have the ability to respond to your life instead of automatically reacting to it.  Tell the truth that it doesn’t work for you anymore, and give yourself the option to create something that does work.  In our ability to think about something differently lies the power to make it different.

The best way to break a bad habit is to drop it. ~Leo Aikman

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