Women In Business

I want to talk with the ladies for a moment. As women in business we have an advantage over the fellas. It is not about competing or using our sexuality, it is just a fact of the industry. The Direct Selling Association (DSA) did a tally and found that about 78% of direct sellers are from women in business. With such a high percentage of women starting businesses in the industry the question is “Why are women great network marketers?” women in business

The simple answer is this industry focuses on our strengths of multitasking, nurturing relationships, communication and full-filling our desire to balance work and home life. It makes sense that direct selling is a woman dominated industry because networking comes so naturally to us. We can attain our professional goals making a full-time income while working part-time. Being able to stay at home to support our families gives us peace of mind. We are able to have the best of both worlds.

Women in business can get to the heart of an issue and figure out another persons “WHY” quickly. We are programed to be nurturing and relationship orientated. We tend to share information a lot more freely. Through open communication we can learn things from friends in a matter of minutes that men (no offense guys) wouldn’t figure out for months. We would all love to have more active people in our organizations and the bottom line is people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. women in business

We all have the same 24 hours in a day to accomplish all that we set out to accomplish. Typically men take the corporate path while women tend to focus on personal branding. Generally women function on emotions and building relationships while men function on logic and the techniques of the business. women in business

When we start our business we have the opportunity to brand ourselves as we choose. Branding can be done corporately or personally.women in business

Also, women can easily approach both sexes with a natural non-intimidating approach to communicating. Sometimes women get intimidated by men pitching them and men tend to be more open when approached by a female. When a man approaches another man there may be the tendency to challenge each other or to square up. Instead of being in the competitive mindset as women we look at motivating, encouraging and being creative with others. In life we are either going to influence or be influenced, it’s all about the approach.women in business

Our mission is to empower and educate men and women to pre-sue their unique passions and utilize their talents in this business. Men and women have have different skill sets and luckily we can work together to make a big impact. The fact is everyone wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves, they want to know a secret and they want to feel special. When we hone in on these three points we can help men and women build their dreams in this business. women in business

Now fellas since you couldn’t resist reading this forward to an influential woman in your life and ladies keep building those relationships, nurturing the team and building your legacy. women in business

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