Stay Trim While Traveling

We live life on the go. When traveling plan head and pack healthy snacks to munch on. Check out the video above for tips to staying trim while traveling. Eating out does not mean we have to compromise eating healthy. Here are some tips to making healthier choices at restaurants.

  • Choose salads
  • Order smaller wild caught fish. Smaller fish are preferred because exposure to mercury is lessened, and wild caught fish are preferred because fish farmed in a self-contained system are treated with antibiotics and chemicals.
  • Never eat shrimp from a foreign country, as they are farmed and treated with antibiotics and chemicals that are illegal in the US.
  • Order salad dressings on the side – vinaigrette, not creamy
  • Order romaine, spinach, baby greens, etc. not iceberg lettuce
  • Order an omelet or other egg item with butter on the side
  • Order proteins, baked, broiled, or grilled not fried or breaded
  • Order sauces and gravies on the side (or not at all!)
  • Get vegetables of the day, not potatoes or rice (I ask for 2 servings of vegetables instead of the potatoes or rice)
  • Skip the bread altogether – ask waitperson not to bring it
  • Ask for real butter and never settle for margarine
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