Things To Do In Dominican Republic

Many of the things to do in Dominican Republic center around the sun and surf. The Dominican Republic is a Hispanola island that shares its western boarder with Haiti. Flying into Cabarete’s Puerto Plata airport (POP) travelers are greeted at the airport exit by many locals offering transportation into town. Be prepared to pay a $10 tourist tax when entering the country.

Things To Do In Dominican Republic – Visit Cabarete

Driving into the township, one notices the extreme poverty in which many live in this country. Wooden homes that seem to be barely standing house happy children that play out front as their parents sell local goods to make an income. Venturing into Cabarete, more shops spring up and a different picture of the island comes into view.

Things To Do In Dominican Republic – The Epitome Of Beach Life

Frothy white capped waves roll to shore, splashing against the beach. The sound of the water breaking is rhythmic and calming. The fine tan sand glitters in the sunlight. Walking on the edge of the beach, a mixture of sand and water washes over the soles of the feet and swirls between the toes, creating a tickling sensation which breathes life into the soul.

Things To Do In Dominican Republic – Kiteboard

Sun kissed babes in tight and bright bikinis unravel the ropes of their kites anticipating a dance across the ocean as the wind leads. The dudes watch these girls as if hypnotized. The beach is lined with colorful kites in shades of orange, pink and green. On the horizon kiters sail through the sky as if they are weightless.

Things To Do In Dominican Republic

Lush palm trees spread their leaves over the landscape, providing a canopy of shade, welcoming escape from the heat of the Caribbean sun. The bright orange flowers of the Flamboyant tree create a vibrant contrast to the clear blue sky. The large seed pods that dangle from its branches are often used in instruments like the maracas you hear bands play at night.

Small wooden shanties of varying colors line the beach where locals offer surf or kite lessons for a nominal fee. It is the perfect spot to sit on the beach and enjoy a refreshing drink while being entertained by the kiters as they fly through the sky.

Things To Do In Dominican Republic – Punta Cana

As you take the six hour drive from Cabarete to Punta Cana the simplicity of life unfolds before you, revealing a new dimension of the island. Cows roam freely, grazing in grassy fields; the only fences are constructed of trees planted tightly together in rows along the roadside. The flat plains give way to cliffs and mountainous terrain the further inland you drive.

Things To Do In Dominican Republic – Expect The Unexpected

Whilst navigating the roads, one must be aware of their surroundings. Pot holes the size of small children seemingly spring up out of nowhere, grabbing your tires when least expected. Moto concho or motorcycle taxis zip by at record speed as a family of four are seated on the back, all helmet free, wind blowing through their dark hair. On a two lane street, cars drive in either direction while vehicles pass through the middle of traffic and people zig zag in between.

Things To Do In Dominican Republic

A resort town, Punta Cana (PUJ) has a completely different vibe. Here, you will be able to relax on the beach under a palm tree or umbrella, work on your sun tan and sip on fruity tropical drinks. You will also find American hotel chains and restaurants sprinkled in with the local flavor.

Things To Do In Dominican Republic – An Adventurer’s Paradise

Plan your trip well in advance. The island is spread out and sight seeing from one city to the next can take many hours of travel. Cabarete is known for its water sports and all things involving surfing: kitesurfing, windsurfing, bodysurfing. Punta Cana is better known as a resort destination for those that want to relax on the beach. Santo Domingo (SDQ) is where Columbus first landed. Full of history, this bustling metropolis is the capital and largest city in the country. This is where Fort Ozama, the National Pantheon and the Catedral Primada de Americas, is located.

The Dominican Republic has beautiful weather year round as the average temperature is 78°F. Many say that February is the best time to visit because between February and May, the peak season rush dissipates. Snow birds love escaping to the warm weather of the tropics for vacation this time of year.

Things To Do In Dominican Republic – Tips

The D.R., while gorgeous, can be described as rough. It is ill advised to be walking outside after dark. If you choose to take a gamble do so in large groups. Many travelers are mugged yearly.

It is best to drink bottled water over tap water.

Be sure to have plenty of D.R. pesos on hand as many businesses do not take credit cards. Cash is king here.

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