The Beginning

    In hindsight we can see the factors that have brought us together for such a time as this.  Let’s go back for a minute so we know how far the journey has come.  I grew up in Iowa in a family of six. Early on I learned that when mom went shopping if I wanted to get any of the good stuff I had to act quickly.  I had a scarcity mind set when it came to food and I didn’t even know it.  True to the midwest lifestyle our diets consisted of lots of corn, potatoes, casseroles and fast food.  Every year we would have an annual school check up.  My family physician would tell me year after year that I was over weight for my height and age.  He told us everything that was wrong without providing a single solution.

      The Struggle

      These annual pep talks added to my already deflated self image.  I lacked self-love for a long time and struggled with my body image.  I wouldn’t wear shorts in the summer, as I didn’t want anyone seeing my chubby legs.  I didn’t have a core group of friends as I feared opening my self up to others and felt that people just overlooked me anyway.  I have been a loner most of my life and for the most part that is how I liked it. I was never the popular kid, I was active in high school but didn’t hang out with people outside school activities. I didn’t even have a date until midway through my freshman year of college. I like to say that I was a late bloomer and I love where the journey has taken me. We are getting ahead of ourselves though.

        I went into college with Pre-Med as my major.  I was hurting and by helping others I could take the focus off my pain and positively invest my energy into others.  My sophomore year of college I had a paradigm shift.  I began researching wellness.  I started simply by taking a walk everyday around the park and adding more whole foods to each meal working to steer clear of all the sugary and delightful fried foods I was so use to consuming. I got to the point where I didn’t crave these foods any more and I began exercising on a regular bases and researching ways to maintain a healthy life. I started implementing many of the principles you will find here on Our Wellness Revolution.

        I still wasn’t to a point I was satisfied however.  Everyday at the hospital I encountered people who suffered from aliments due to a lack of nutrition.  In school we were only required to take 1 credit hour of nutrition.  I already understood that the body is an amazing healing machine, when you give it the proper nutrition it functions correctly, I saw this with the profound results I was having.  I realized that a career in medicine was not for me though I still had a calling to help people.  I wanted to get to the root of the issues people were struggling with and not just slap a bandaid on them and send them on their way.  Being a doctor was my dream since I was a child and that dream was changing.  I graduated with a major in Sociology and a double minor in Psychology and Criminology as well as acquiring a degree as a Certified Nurses Assistant in 3 years.  Out of college I got a job working at a youth shelter where I was a case worker for at risk youth.  This lasted a few years until I was drawn to Colorado and the dental profession. After five years in dental assisting I was back to square one wondering what I was supposed to do, knowing that what I was doing was not my life’s calling.

        Our Wellness Revolution

        Friends had been asking me for some time about the changes I had made in my life and weight.  People noticed I was happier, more out going and I had found balance in my life.  One day I had an aha moment and life was forever changed.  My calling was to become a social entrepreneur.  I left my job, started Our Wellness Revolution and began focusing on helping others who like me want to live a healthier, more abundant life.  Through this process we have partnered with a charity called MannaRelief Ministries  so when ever a person takes care of their personal wellness we automatically support a malnourished child.  It’s a major win-win for everyone involved.  It’s time to take back your life, it’s time for Our Wellness Revolution.