Tinna Budweiser

Stephanie is an amazing young woman with a lot to talk about! Her passion for wellness and abundance shines brightly through her eye opening blog, natural health tips, yummy recipes (check out her cook book “Skinny Girls Don’t Diet”) and her globetrotting lifestyle! I am proud to be able to call her friend and am always looking forward to the next Facebook post or blog article about the latest in wellness! Check out her website, Like her Facebook page, join her on Twitter, get her cookbook! You won’t regret it! She will definitely be an inspiring, positive influence in your life as she is in mine!

Tinna Budweiser
Peggy Gorenflo

I always thought I was pretty aware of health issues but Stephanie seems to find new and innovative research which makes me strongly rethink whatI am feeding my family. She doesn’t only tell you what you should stay away from but more so gives great ideas on what you SHOULD have. The more I educate myself on being healthy the better choices I make for my family. (we will never eat a regular hot dog again! And we put lemons and honey on anything we can!) I think it’s easy to plead ignorance but Steph won’t let you do that!

Peggy GorenfloKansas City, MO
Amy O’Brien

OurWellness Revolution, the 30 day challenge was an amazing 30 days. I will admit that I swayed and wasn’t my best some of those 30 days but itwas really encouraging having the daily posts to help me get back on track. I am so grateful to Stephanie and all those involved to help me. Ifelt as those myself and my health was a main priority which was a new experience for me. It is so nice to know that the Our Wellness Revolution is there for me with great information that I can use in my daily life and has answers I may seek. I feel like one lucky lady!!

Amy O’BrienPhoenix, AZ
Robyn Boyce

Our Wellness Revolution has dramatically effected my life. OWR promotes healthy organic living. I have implemented the information that I have received from this site. I have been a vegetarian for almost a year now. I am also aware of the DANGERS of GMO food and OWR continuously posts substantial information which reiterates the important benefits of both.

Through recipes in “Skinny Girls Don’t Diet”, the natural supplements of Mannatech, and with all the incredible health tips through OWR…I have been able to curb my PMS! Trust me, this is HUGE. My fiancé agrees 100%! This has created continual harmony within our home. To me this is PRICELESS!

I know the lifestyle of Our Wellness Revolution can create a life of heath and longevity for all that are willing to participate. I truly cannot recommend this program more! It is absolutely worth ones while to digest and incorporate OWR’s information into their lives. I promise you…you will be thankful for it!

Robyn BoyceBreckenridge, CO