Healthy Cake Batter Ice Cream



We all like a sweet treat on occasion.  This healthy alternative to ice cream uses bananas to create a creamy delicious treat.  There are many health benefits to eating bananas.  They help with constipation and ulcers if eaten ripened.  Bananas eaten before completely ripened will halt diarrhea, colitis, and hemorrhoids. Bananas detoxify the body, and are useful in helping to overcome drug addictions (especially alcoholism).  Rich in potassium and easy to digest, bananas are great for helping with hypertension and high blood pressure.  Feel good eating this sweet treat and sharing with the family.

Drink More Water

Water is essential to every process in your body, it promotes healthy skin tone and wards off creases and wrinkles. Water is also a great detoxifer of the body, pushing along the toxic harmful substances until they are excreted from the body. With the importance of water we should all be drinking purified water. Our cities add many chemicals to our water supply such as fluoride and chlorine. Chlorine does purify the water in a sense, however it is not good to drink. Would you go drink a glass of chlorine when you are thirsty? Of course not, because it would make you sick. The trace amounts of chorine in our water have compounding effects on our body. This chemical is easily removed with a filter. Fluoride on the other hand is much harder to remove from the water. While a system can be purchased to remove this toxin, another way to leverage your time and money is to petition your city to remove fluoride from the water supply. Now, you may be asking yourself, “I thought fluoride helps prevent cavities?” Coming from the dental field I can attest that this is not true. While brushing fluoride on to the surfaces of your teeth can add protection by filling microscopic tubules, drinking fluoride has no proven benefit in promoting healthy teeth. Sodium fluoride is actually the number one ingredient in rat poisoning. If you look on your tooth paste tube you will see a poison control alert. If you ingest too much of the tooth paste you are actually supposed to seek medical attention immediately. This is something to think about. If you have further questions on this topic I am happy to go more in depth just shoot me an email and I will send you a list of resources so that you can do some research on the topic.

At meals eat slow, this will help you easily identify when you are satisfied at each meal. Typically we eat until we are full however many times this leads to over eating. Eat until you are satisfied. During meal times do not drink until the meal is complete. Our bodies need the enzymes found in the fresh foods we consume to aid in the digestion process. When we drink with meals we wash away these essential enzymes. Processed foods do not contains enzymes like fresh items do. If we are not eating enough fresh items then supplementing enzymes into our diet will boost digestion and aid in the elimination of waste. Often people confuse hunger with dehydration. When our bodies become dehydrated it may seem that we are hungry. We receive hydration through foods and drinks. If you find your self hungry often step back and reflect on how much water you have consumed. Drink a glass of water and if you are still hungry after 20 minutes find something healthy to
snack on.

Action Step:
Everyday you should drink half your body weight in ounces of clean, purified water. If you weight 140 pounds that means you should be drinking 70 ounces of water a day. Figure out your weight, divide it in half and drink up!

The simple action of stretching does wonders for your mental state, keeps you limber and will give your muscles the chance to elongate. Try taking a beginner yoga class or simply do some stretching exercises. After stretching I’m sure you will have boost of energy and are revitalized.

My life improves each day and is filled with more energy, vitality, and passion. ~Success Consciousness


Detoxing our body daily is vital. Cleansing our body is not difficult, it is going to require high quality green chlorophyl-rich plant foods. (i.e.: broccoli, spinach, kale, etc…) and gelatinous plant foods like aloe vera, seaweeds and chia seeds. These gels move through our intestinal tract absorbing toxins and passing them through the colon. The average American is walking around with 20 pounds of mucoid plaque in their intestines which taxes the organs that are in charge of excreting waste products, therefore increasing the risk of diseases like cancer. Detoxification is a constant bodily process. Ridding our bodies of this build-up will free the body to more effectively process and utilize the nutrients we are implementing into our lives.

Have you printed off the Environmental Working Group’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides at: Common effects of poisoning from the pesticides in our food can cause tiredness, skin ailments, muscle pains indigestion or even just plain bad breath. These symptoms are indicative that the vital organs in the body are not functioning at an optimum level and it may be appropriate for further detoxing in order to restore balance in your system, improve health and increase energy levels. When undergoing a detox, it is advisable to partake only of organic foods. Generous helpings of fruits and vegetables are in order as well as drinking lots of water to hydrate the body. Supplements can also be taken to assist in the detoxifying process.

One such gelatinous food is chia seeds. Not commonly used in the average diet they hold many health benefits. Chia seeds bind with toxins in the body and move them through the intestines so that they can be excreted from the body. They also have great benefits associated with energy. I enjoy eating a tablespoon at a time and just throw them in my mouth and munch away. They are easily added to salads, soups or smoothies. Many runners use chia seeds to sustain energy in training.

Add parsley and cilantro into your diet. “Parsley cleanses your entire blood supply and it also gives you fresh breath, it contains so much chlorophyl that it cleanses the whole system. Cilantro (coriander) binds with heavy metals, many people are exposed to mercury poisoning through their dental amalgams. Cilantro binds with the mercury and eliminates it from the body so it doesn’t get lodged in your brain cells.” – Mike Adams.

Implementation: As we are grocery shopping, choose at least one piece of produce from each color of the rainbow. To diversify our diet even further, include one fruit or vegetable you’ve never tried. Be sure to take with you to the store the shoppers guide to pesticides. Pick up a bag of chia seeds to add to meals.


Easy Chia Seed Jam



What we love about this jam is that you get all the good stuff without any additives or fillers. Plus, we LOVE chia seeds. Chia seeds are a great source of: Omega 3 fatty-acids, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, they help us stay hydrated, are gluten-free and can even be used as an egg substitute. These tiny seeds help us feel full, which could aid in healthy weight management. As a gelatinous food, chia seeds help clean out our digestive tract. They are know as a sustainable form of energy for our bodies. If you are looking for a boost, look no further.