Craving A Diet?

Your body is craving a diet. How do we know what is right for us? Diets are a dime a dozen.  It seems like every other day there is a new “miracle diet” promising to make us the leanest, healthiest person on the planet.  Well I say give me a break!  Though we know there are many items out there we should avoid to maintain our health we need to be realistic in what will work for each of us.  One person may find it easy to cut out all carbs and sugar, never touching them again, this diet is definitely not for me; some people may love the Paleo diet or others feel more inclined to be vegetarian.  The only diet we would suggest you not follow is the the fast food diet for obvious reasons. When your body is craving a diet these are things to consider.

Our Body Is Craving A Diet

The bottom line is we have to be in-tune with our bodies needs.  The body runs on the nutrients we take in.  There are some foods that do not agree with our bodies or items we just plain don’t like which we can avoid.  When we take clues from our body it will tell us what we need.  Often when our body is craving a diet there is a specific nutrient our body is telling us we are deficient in. Our body needs many vitamins, minerals and other nutrients which to function properly.  The issue is when we feel in dire need to subside our craving. The cookie monster comes out and we pick items we otherwise would not consider eating like, the whole bag of chips or carton of cookies.  Next time cravings attack check out the craving chart and see what healthy alternative will make that craving subside.  Even better print the chart and tape it up on the inside of your kitchen cabinet.  By listening to clues from our body we can save ourselves from over eating, choosing the wrong items or being coming ill through a lack of proper nutrition.

Personally I enjoy a vegetarian diet 99% of the time.  When my body craves meat, I’m down to honor what my body is telling me and have a few bites of steak or sushi.  I do not deprive myself of anything.  I feel that once we start telling ourselves we can’t have something we end up wanting it more. This perpetuates the body craving a diet. My motto is everything in moderation.  When I came across some info on eating for your blood type I was intrigued.  The information was pretty spot on for me and my husband.  My blood type aligns with being a vegetarian and my husband is a serious carnivore.  When he is craving a diet and when I am craving a diet our needs look very different. No matter what your preference is it is interesting to take a look at the eating for your blood type outline to see just how close your natural inclinations are to what the eating for your blood type chart suggests. When it come to tips and personal coaching Our Wellness Revolution is here to be of service.  When you’re ready contact us for a consultation and together we will set achievable goals for your individualized needs.


Craving A Diet: Type O
People with type O blood flourish on a high-protein diet because they digest meat easily. The most beneficial meats for type O blood types are lamb, beef, venison, mutton and veal. However, type O blood types should not consume pork or goose. The most beneficial fish for type O blood types are herring, mackerel and cod, and the least beneficial are catfish, conch, octopus, salmon, barracuda, caviar, octopus and pickled herring.

Type O blood types should severely restrict eggs and dairy products and should not eat many whole-wheat products because they are not well tolerated by this blood type. People with type O blood should eat collard greens, garlic, spinach, artichokes, red peppers, sweet potatoes, romaine lettuce and figs, plums and prunes to support optimal health.


Craving A Diet: Type A
Type A blood types should not eat meat because they naturally have a low stomach-acid content that cannot digest land animal meats. However, type A blood types can eat seafood such as yellow perch, red snapper, monkfish, salmon, carp, group, mackerel, silver perch, snails and rainbow trout.

Type A blood types cannot easily digest dairy products but can consume goat milk and cheese, yogurt, mozzarella, kefir, ricotta and feta cheeses. Type A blood types can digest cereals, grains and pastas well and should eat an abundance of fresh, organic vegetables including alfalfa sprouts, romaine lettuce, Swiss chard, dandelion greens, artichokes, turnips and okra. Type A blood types should eat a wide variety of fruits including plums, blackberries, cranberries, figs and prunes.


Craving A Diet: Type B
People with type B blood can flourish on a wider variety of foods than any of the other blood types. Type B blood types should eat meats such as rabbit, venison, turkey, veal, beef, lamb, pheasant and mutton and abstain from chicken, goose, duck, pork, quail and Cornish hens. Type B blood types should eat seafood such as flounder, halibut, trout, sole, salmon and flounder but should abstain from all shellfish, yellow tail tuna, snails, striped bass, eel, frogs and barracudas.

People with type B blood can eat a variety of dairy foods including cow and goat milk, cottage cheese and ricotta, but not American or blue cheese, string cheese or ice cream. Type B blood types should also abstain from grains and eat green, leafy vegetables, and bananas, grapes and plums.


Craving A Diet: Type AB
People with type AB blood generally have a weak immune system and should eat a vegetable-rich diet that includes green, leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, alfalfa sprouts, broccoli, cucumber, mushrooms and parsnips. Type AB blood types can eat a variety of fruits including plums, grapes, cherries, grapefruit and cranberries but cannot tolerate tropical fruits such as coconut, bananas, mangoes and guava.

People with type AB blood can eat a wide array of carbohydrates including rice, sprouted wheat and flour products, but should abstain from corn and buckwheat products. Type AB blood types do not digest meat well and should not eat chicken, veal, beef, pork or shellfish. However, AB blood types can eat turkey, lamb, rabbit, tuna, ocean perch, monkfish, grouper and sardines.

 Stop Craving A Diet with this chart

 When you crave this…what you really need is that.  Try the healthy alternative.

When you crave this...what you really need is this. Try the healthy alternative.

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