A Flu-free season

It seems that each year we enter the debate on whether to get the flu shot or not. Does it actually help prevent the flu? Personally, you couldn’t pay me to get the flu shot. I have not seen any evidence that it prevents the flu or does not cause harm to our bodies.

There are many ways in which we can protect ourselves from illness and supercharge our immune systems. I believe that it is possible to naturally maintain our immunity through proper diet, lifestyle and supplementation.

These are some ways that I boost my immune system. I have not been sick in over 10 years. Make these key items your check list to boosting your immune system and having a healthy, happy winter.

*Add ginger, garlic and herbs to your diet
*Make exercise and rest a priority
*Eat seasonally
*Balance your body’s pH
*Up your intake of antioxidants
*Avoid processed foods and refined sugars
*Take whole food supplements daily including vitamin D3 and probiotics
*Wash your hands often

These are the top 12 Flu-fighting foods you can consume.
Ginseng root, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, turmeric, berries, cloves, strawberries, raw honey, raw garlic, spinach, onions and ginger.

Cheers to living well and flu-free this season!

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