How To Cook The Perfect Steak

Even though I am a vegetarian, my husband is a carnivore, it is important for me to know how to cook the perfect steak. When preparing dinner or entertaining, knowing how to cook the perfect steak is a skill you want to have.

How To Cook The Perfect Steak

The perfect steak starts with a great piece of meat. We prefer organic grass finished meat with even marbling, about 1 1/2” thick. If you want the most tender cut of meat, be sure to buy the tenderloin. Pick your favorite cut, be sure to note the marbling of the meat.

Before prepping make sure the meat is at room temperature (pull the meat out of the fridge 30 minutes before cooking). After 30 minutes season your steak. Remember not to add salt to the mix. When cooking the steak the salt will pull the juices out of the meat, drying the steak out.

Preheat the pan or BBQ over high heat. We want the pan really hot so that we can sear the meat, sealing in the juices. If you don’t sear the meat the juices will leak out during the cooking process. Add the tinniest amount of oil to the pan before the pan gets to hot. Adding oil to a super hot pan will create smoke, the oil will turn brown and a black crust can form on your meat. I like to use a high temperature oil such as avocado oil. Sear the meat for 30 seconds on each side including the sides of the steak. Repeat on both side until the meat is to your specifications.

An important step many skip is letting the steak rest for 5-10 minutes after cooking. Allowing the meat to relax and the juices to distribute evenly is the signature that you know how to cook the perfect steak. Enjoy!

How To Cook The Perfect SteakHow To Cook The Perfect Steak

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