Money Can Buy Happiness

We have all heard the phrase “money doesn’t buy you happiness” and that is sort of true. Money can buy happiness because it is a tool; it is neither good nor bad and has no meaning but that which we place on it. If we agree money doesn’t buy us happiness, we shift our focus from those green pieces of paper to the logical conclusion that we create our own happiness. Having money can free up your time; when we have time freedom we are able to do the things we enjoy, and doing what we enjoy creates happiness.

Chasing money will only keep you in the rat race. We are not suggesting having money and being wealthy is a bad thing, quite the contrary. Remember money can buy happiness. When we have lots of money, we are able to make a positive impact on our communities and the lives of those we care about. People who are “rich” can help more people then those who are broke. We should all strive to be financially fit and create a life we love.

To do this we need to come fully alive. Money Can Buy Happiness


This became my reality after venturing out of the corporate world and into entrepreneurial endeavors; I’ve never looked back. Money Can Buy Happiness

There is a super cliche saying that states, if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life. Well that is simply not true. The fact is you will probably work harder because you are passionate about what you are working to accomplish. Lori Greiner stated it best. Money Can Buy Happiness


The best part of being an entrepreneur is you are paid in direct correlation to how many people you help on a daily basis. When you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want. If you offer a product or service that provides a solution to other peoples problems, you have a winning idea and stand to make a lot of money. Feel good about being a solutionist; your reward is money.

There is no evidence to suggest that buying material goods will makes us any happier. We may feel a moment of fleeting pleasure about our purchase. Now think about buying a trip somewhere and investing time with friends and loved ones; those are the moments that will create lasting happiness. In this example money can buy happiness.

In America, it seems there is an epidemic of retail therapy, a way to mask the issues we are facing. If you are in a place where you’ve created debt, a place where you have more month left than money, it is time to take responsibility for the situations you find yourself in. When we speak poorly about others, including creditors, and constantly shift blame, our words and actions speak more to our character than the person you are attacking. Money Can Buy Happiness

Money Can Buy Happiness

Everyone has to take responsibility for their contribution to the situation they find themselves in; you always have a choice. Your intentions create your experience. You are your habits. To make the most of the money you have, here are some tips:

Know your net worth Money Can Buy Happiness
Before you buy anything else, pay off outstanding debts
Before making big financial decisions, sleep on it
Diversify your assets Money Can Buy Happiness
Make investments Money Can Buy Happiness

Money has meaning when it gives you the freedom to live an inspired life. To do that, we’ll need to dig deep, make new rules, and build true wealth. We are here to make sure we do just that; now let’s get out there and pursue the passions that make us happy and make a lot of money in the process. Money Can Buy Happiness

Action step: Take a good look at your financial situation. Create a budget and live within it. Remember money can buy happiness.

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