Proper Food Combining

Contrary to popular belief the human stomach is not equipped to effectively digest any and all possible food combinations that we introduce into it. Proper food combining speaks to the topic that there are enzymatic limitations in the digestive process. Proper food combining will aid in digestion, increase nutrient absorption and promote healthy elimination.

Food is the stuff our body is made up of. We ingest food substances which the body breaks down into usable components. These components are converted into the energy our body uses to fuel itself and maintain life. There are various stages of digestion such as mastication, chemical breakdown in the saliva, gastric juice/stomach breakdown, nutrient absorption and elimination. Each type of food has different enzymes that are required to break the substance down. Starches break down in an alkaline enzyme solution while proteins need an acid to break them down. When we combine these foods in a meal of steak, potatoes and a slice of bread we are introducing into the digestive process foods that are at opposite ends of the pH spectrum and eating them together hinders our digestion. proper food combining

Over eating is seen as eating beyond enzymatic capacity. Fresh fruits and vegetables have enough enzymes in them to break down that one food. The more we eat the more enzymes we need to produce to digest the food. A problem arises when we eat lots of processed, highly refined and denatured foods in our diet. These types of foods have no nutritional value and they do not have the enzymes needed for our bodies to process the food like substance. If we are not getting enough enzymes in the foods we consume then we need to take an enzyme supplement to aid our bodies in the process. The best option is to eat real food and eliminate processed foods. Whole foods are the only items that have natural enzymes in them to promote a healthy digestive track. Here is where we can get a food form enzyme supplement. proper food combining

Drinking with a meal will also hinder the digestive process as the liquid washes the enzymes away. Be sure to thoroughly chew every bite you eat. Try chewing each bite 30 times before swallowing. Consuming the best nutrition possible does not matter if we do not maintain proper digestion. Some would suggest that half of the food we eat is passed through the body undigested. Simple eating results in better digestion. Eating in peace and with out distraction helps in the digestion process. When we constantly eat on the go we are inhibiting the process of digestion, in turn limiting the absorption of vital nutrients and resulting in a weakened body system. When we are properly digesting our food we should be eliminating one to two times a day. Not going for days is not normal. If you are having trouble excreting waste increase your fiber intake by eating more green leafy vegetables. proper food combining

Proper Food Combining

Proper food combining sets the body up for optimal digestion and absorption of the foods we consume. Here are a few points to get you started: proper food combining

*Make fruits a meal. A meal of only fruits is a great way to begin the morning. Eat melons alone. proper food combining

*Protein should be consumed with green vegetables. Avoid eating more than one form of meat at each meal.

*Carbohydrates should be consumed as a separate meal. Completely avoid sugary carbs as they ferment in the gut.

*Avoid milk as is does not combine well with any food group. proper food combining

Those that follow the proper food combining recommendations will experience improved digestion and well being. This diet is far from what the average American eats on a daily basis. It will take time to convert the idea of what meals should look like by current standards, to meals that follow proper food combining recommendations. Making a few adjustments to your meal preparations will have a big impact on your overall health. proper food combining

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proper food combining

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